Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My friend Cierra and I made a music video for extra credit in our Modern Dance class. It turned out to be a pretty "legit" video! I thought I would share =]

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wowwwwww.. My semester!

So I haven't been able to sit down and write a blog for quite sometime now.. I decided I'd take the time to switch it up a little and to talk a bit about what I've been up to.. Even though I'm pretty sure everyone has lost interest in paying any attention to this since it's almost been a year since I posted.

(My 2010 Nissan Versa hatchback)

Me: I just recently turned 17 on the 20th. And for my birthday I got a 2010 Nissan Versa hatchback. It is AMAZING and I love it! It was definately a perfect birthday present. I am in Gilbert with my family right now and we have been here for a week because the snow in Flagstaff is OUTRAGEOUS! I've heard it's 4-5 Feet high in Flagstaff and 8-10 in Parks. So Bellemont is probably insane. They have advised us on the radio not to even attempt going back so we're waiting until it's safe.. That might not be until Spring though!

(one of our kick line sequences from football season)

Cheer: We have state competition on March 6th and are working on that routine right now. My stunt group may or may not be competing in All-Girls stunt competition. But we'll see how that goes since we never have time to practice. Especially with all these snow days!

(This is my friend, Tanner Greene and I.. I love this guy. We were made for each other he just doesn't get it yet)

Speech and Debate: I have become a member of the speech and debate team this year and have discovered that this is my TRUE passion. I've become super involved with politics since the 2008 elections and I think I want to pursue a career in that field.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More prom pictures!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Prom 2009!

This year, I was fortunate enough to get to go to prom, even though i'm just a sad and lowly sophomore. It was SO fun! I really enjoyed it. It felt like years of preparation for just one night, but it was sure one to be remembered. My mom is amazing, and she got a professional photographer to take pictures of me and my date (well it was her friend Di, but it still required effort!), and our two best friends (who were dates as well). If I hadn't had my mom to help me get ready and everything, I would've been wearing a recycled dress and looked like a bum off the street. She did so much for me (as always) to help with prom. I didn't even know how to put that flower thing on! We went to dinner at Buster's and it was really nice. I love going to dances with anthony! it's fun to get to go with someone you actually like. Hahaha. The year has gone by too fast, and I can't believe it's already over! Some of my friends are graduating this friday and i'm sad to see them go. But i know they're going on to do great things in life. Cheer is starting next week! and all I can say is... Here comes another year!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

About time!!!

It's been SO long since I last posted! There is so much to catch up on. I finished my first semester of my sophomore year with straight A's and i'm working to do the same for my second semester. Cheer finally ended and we placed 4th in state (which is really good considering we had a month to prepare and we are from Flagstaff let us not forget). We also got a 1st palce trophy for sportsmanship. Mr. Cullen (our principal) said it was the best performance he's ever seen from our cheerleaders.

My Team. (Flagstaff High School Varsity Cheer 2008-2009)

In March, our school had a Sadie Hawkins dance. This was pretty exciting for me because I actually got to choose my date this time, which creates many possiblities for me. I spent forever trying to decide who I wanted to ask. Long story short, I found Anthony. I'm not going to tell everyone the whole story because you're probably already getting bored reading all this. But he and I didn't even know eachother when I asked him to the dance. He is in one of my classes so I made a shirt that said... "Anthony Cullen, will you be my date to the Sadies??" Oh yeah and he's my principal's son, my mom thinks that's an interesting fact that everyone should know. And in the words of my parents, we are "going steady" now.

Since the last time I posted, I celebrated my 16th birthday. My amazing parents let me take a few of my friends to Disneyland and it was a blast. ( I also went with one of my best friends to Disneyland a 2nd time for spring break.)

Emily Parry, Emily Berryhill, Jessica, and me on Twilgiht Zone Tower of Terror.

Life has been pretty great. I'm loving almost every second of it and at the same time, trying to create the best future that I can for myself. I'm going to start looking into scholarships and majors pretty soon. I want to go into politics just because I love talking politics and even though the elections are long over I still talk politics with friends all the time! It never ends for me =] and I also am thinking of doing anesthesiology or radiology. But i'm keeping my options open and taking a leap into my future.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So I haven't posted in a really long time. I thought today would be a good day to update. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Everyone's been talking about Twilight. I went to see the movie at midnight with my friend Nicole. It was pretty good but I don't think anything could ever match up to the movie. I'm looking forward to the next three movies though. I'm not so sure it was worth waiting four hours in the cold with a sinus infection though.

I've been going to the doctors lately for my wrist. On the x-ray it showed that I have a fracture on the right side of my left wrist. See I'm not making it up!! They had me come back for an MRI. I had to sit completely still for an hour in this cold room with a machine that kept making wierd knocking sounds. The MRI showed that I have torn ligaments as well as my fracture. So now I have to wear a wierd thing called a thumb spike that's supposed to make it heal, however, the spot that my fracture is in doesn't get much blood so it's hard for it to heal. The doctor said not to be suprised if the hand surgeon says that I'll need surgery to put in a screw so that it can heal. I almost want surgery just so that it doesn't hurt anymore because considering I"m left handed, I can only write for so long before it starts shaking. I can't lean my head on my hand when I get bored in class because it hurts too much. I can't tumble in cheer either. It's just causing me a lot of trouble. So I hope our insurance covers it.

Let's see, what else is new?? My friends from Wyoming visited a few weeks ago. I haven't seen them since last school year! They came up for only two days so they could help their mom pack. She's been in Flagstaff this whole time they've been in Wyoming and I think she finally just decided to move with her family. Me and Jessica went over to her apartment to help her pack and to see Vince and Frankie. I miss all my friends that left to Wyoming. I feel like I haven't seen Kaylin in forever either!! I really wish I could go visit all of them.

Claire is getting so big! She's the cutest thing ever. I painted her nails the other night but she just couldn't stay still so they got a little bit messy. I love it when she screams to herself instead of cooing like most babies, Claire just screams. It's funny. Poor thing still has no hair. We always put a headband on her since we have no hair to deal with. The Lundell's just had a baby and named her Miley. She's so tiny! She makes Claire look like a monster.